Best Web Hosting Services 2022

As most of them are involved in building their own business, introducing and running their business through an online presence, choosing the right platform for your online website is an essential step in the world of digital marketing. Hence, choosing the best web hosting that suits your website is the first and foremost thing to consider. Most of us are confused with the different web hostings available and are not aware of the multiple features and benefits of each web hosting. No need to worry, you are at the right place to purchase the best web hosting for your website. This article makes your job easier by providing all the required information and understanding each of them.

These days, it is tough to choose among the multiple web hosting available. I am here to help you in finding the best one for you. With my personal experience to find a good web host, I had to do a lot of research and identified the different options available. I am here to give you an understanding of the top 10 Best Web Hosting Services 2022.

Before we step into a broader perspective of the different web hosting services, you will need to have an idea about the different web hostings that are available in the market. Let me give a brief explanation about the different types of web hosting.

Web Hosting usually refers to space in the server for your website. A server is a centralized location that stores the data that is represented online. In order to show the data to the online users or the viewers of the website, it is important that every website has to be hosted.

There are four main different types of web hostings available in the market. They are:

1. Shared Hosting

In the shared hosting, the hosting will be shared among the others. In simple terms, your account will be one of the different accounts available in the servers which will be managed by the service providers.

Shared hosting will be the best for new hosting, a small business website that requires less bandwidth.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In the VPS hosting, you will be having the space for your website on the physical server. In VPS hosting, the RAM will be completely used by you which is not the same in the shared hosting. VPS also has customization options wherein you are allowed to customize as per your needs.

VPS hosting is best for medium-level websites and also the websites that hold some traffic but do not need any high-end resources.

3. Dedicated Hosting

In the dedicated hosting, you will have your own dedicated server. The whole server will be yours and does not require any sharing with the others. If your website holds a large number of visitors then, dedicated hosting will be the best choice.

4. Managed WordPress hosting

In Managed WordPress Hosting, the hosting provider is responsible for managing, taking care of the updates, security issues, involved in optimizing the performance of your website. It is expensive when compared to other web hosting.

Firstly, let me help you with the top 10 Best Web Hosting services in 2022 available in the market for you.

1. Bluehost

2. Host Gator

3. Site Ground

4. Hostinger

5. Green Geeks

6. A2 Hosting

7. Dream Host

8. Godaddy

9. Liquid Web

10. WP Engine

Let’s review each of the web hosting in detail. You can then decide and purchase the best web hosting.



  • Suitable for beginners, new websites.
  • Provides shared hosting solutions
  • Affordable Prices

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service platforms that has become famous and is hosting around 3000000 websites. It is offering solutions at affordable prices, which is bringing a high level of positive customer satisfaction. The service starts at Rs. 199 per month. Bluehost is known for its high speed, the best uptime, free domain, and site builder. It is known for its user-friendliness, which also provides 24/7 support via phone and chat.

Bluehost has the below features, which would make your job easier.

1. Bluehost includes a free SSL certificate.

2. Bluehost also provides free customer support.

3. Bluehost also provides its support for MySQL databases and PHP support.

4. Bluehost provides the control panel, which is easy and simple to use, also provides a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

5. It does not come up with any hidden charges and offers a web hosting service highly focused on WordPress.

Also, it does not provide its support for Windows OS. It also does not provide any premium technical support.

Below are the plans available in Bluehost.

Best web hosting services 2021

We would recommend you to go to Bluehost, which is a well-managed web hosting service. To purchase, click here.



  • Top pick for Shared web hosting and VPS hosting.
  • The best option for minimal needs.
  • An affordable option for startups.

Hostgator is another hosting web service for hosting and domain name management. It is known best for the minimal needs and caters to small businesses. Hostgator provides us with a Cpanel that helps in launching the website within a short time. It includes multiple plugins and themes to build the websites as per your requirement. Hostgator is providing multiple plans from single to unlimited domains. The hosting plan starts from Rs 99 per month, which is quite affordable. Hostgator has come up with multiple features that are listed below.

  1. Hostgator provides free SSL, migration, and backup options.
  2. Hostgator provides a maximum of 10 GB space and 100 GB transfer.
  3. It also provides reliable technical support to provide support to the users as and when required.
  4. It also provides us with a user-friendly Cpanel, and website migration also provides a free .net domain name and SSL certificate.

In case of any issues, it also provides a refund or compensation within 45 days. Customer support response range SLA is 24 hours.

Below is the list of plans available in Hostgator:

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

If you are holding a small business with a minimized number of needs, we suggest you go with Hostgator web hosting. To purchase, click here.



  • Best Customer service
  • Preferred for Woocommerce hosting, WordPress shared hosting.

SiteGround is another web hosting service platform that is best known for its exemplary customer service. SiteGround holds about 2 million domains. It is referred to as an interface that would help you in building the website with ease. It also provides different tools that would provide its support for the management of the websites efficiently. Site Ground also came up with its own set of features that are listed below:

  1. SiteGround maintains a stable page load time, which would be around 637 ms.
  2. SiteGround is known for its best customer service, providing support to the users.
  3. It also provides easy Git integration, also allowing daily backups.
  4. It came up with multiple tools along with high-speed servers.

It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering 24/7 customer support using three different channels: phone, chat, ticket.

It also helps in hosting multiple sites using a single, dynamic tool, which is excellent for WordPress and other applications based on PHP. It does not provide any free domains in the basic plan.

Below is the list of plans available in Siteground.

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

To understand more about Siteground and check for the offers, you can click here.



  • Cheap Hosting plan.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Available in WordPress and VPS hosting.

Hostinger is the best web hosting service platform providing cheap hosting plans and affordable plans at reasonable prices. Most of them might not be able to spend much money on hosting. Keeping such users in mind, Hostinger is the best choice that one can opt for.

It is also one of the platforms that have the below features, which are a plus.

  1.  It provides its support for PHP and MySQL.
  2. It comes up with unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  3. It is the platform that includes a global network of servers.
  4. It also provides high-speed SSD storage.
  5. It supports optimized WordPress hosting.

Apart from these features, it allows you to manage the content, functionality, and layout with ease and provides free domain names and backup. It includes different widgets, themes, templates, and add-ons that add a look and feel to your website. It requires a manual SSL certification setup. Below is the list of plans available.

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

You can go for this with affordable plans. To know more about it, click here.



  • It is available like WordPress, VPS, Woocommerce hosting provider.
  • Best for an eco-friendly website.

GreenGeeks is the web hosting platform staying at the top-notch for developing an eco-friendly hosting platform. They offer excellent solutions for different hostings like WordPress hosting, reseller web hosting, shared hosting, etc. GreenGeeks has got its features that are listed below.

  1. It provides unlimited SSD web space, allows free domain registration and free site builder.
  2. It also allows unlimited domains in one account.
  3. It also includes a free SSL certificate, allowing free CDN integration.
  4. It also allows backups and provides unlimited email accounts.

Below is the list of the plans available.

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

If you are looking for eco-friendly web hosting, then GreenGeeks would be the best choice. To know more about GreenGeeks, click here.

A2 Hosting:


  • Fastest shared hosting
  • Available as WordPress and cloud hostings

It is expected that everyone looks for the best hosting. A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting service platforms known for its reliable and fast shared hosting. It also provides different hosting services like dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. Let us know more about its features, which will give you a clear understanding of A2 Hosting. They are listed below.

  1. It also provides unlimited bandwidth and SSD space, along with free site migration.
  2. It provides a backup facility, which is free and supports PHP, Perl, Python, etc.
  3. It provides 20 times faster servers along with free SSL and offline backups.
  4. It also comes up with the 1-click installation for Magento and WordPress.

Apart from the above features, it is also known for keeping the website secure using SSL certificates. It is also flexible to protect the number of subdomains with a single SSL certificate.

Below is the list of the plans available:

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

I would recommend you to go with this web hosting platform for the business’s fast and reliable management. To know more and purchase, you can click here.



  • Best affordable monthly plans
  • Available as shared and WordPress hosting

Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting service platforms that is known for its affordable monthly plans. It includes month to month affordable prices that allow users to go as per their needs, keeping the user’s financial perception in mind.

  1. Dreamhost is known for its custom panel, which is different from the other platforms. The other platforms use the Cpanel to manage the website while Dreamhost does not. Also, migration to Dreamhost is easier.
  2. Dreamhost is standing out for its best ways to manage the web hosts. It also includes a free migration plugin.
  3. It provides a trial period for the users to use for 97 days.
  4. The customer service facility is a bit low. However, 24/7 email support is available for the users.

Below is the list of plans available.

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

If you are looking for month-month web hosting plans, Dreamhost would be the right choice. I know you would like to know more about this. Click here.




  • Available as shared, WordPress, business, VPS, and dedicated.
  • Affordable and cheap price

I think you have heard more about this word called Godaddy in television advertisements, ads on social media sites, etc. Godaddy is one of the popular web hosting platforms serving the needs of business users these days. The plan starts from Rs 149 per month. Like the other platforms, Godaddy also comes up with the same features, however slightly different.

Godaddy is now powering over the 44 million websites, which is not a small figure right now. It also comes up with the features like

  1. Godaddy offers web hosting services for both small and large businesses.
  2. Godaddy is a bit similar to Siteground, wherein they will be renting the servers from Amazon via AWS by partnering with Amazon.
  3. It provides 100GB+ storage along with the Cpanel to manage the website.

Below is the list of plans available in Godaddy.

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

To know more about Godaddy and purchase, click here.

Liquid Web:


  • Best Customer support
  • Available and best for cloud hosting, VPS, WordPress, dedicated hosting.

Liquid Web is also one of the web hosting platforms that provide shared WordPress hosting. It is one of the best platforms that is helping and providing services to cloud professionals. It makes use of the plugins and allows users to copy the website. It has come up with multiple features like:

  1. It allows us to build the websites, backup the website.
  2. It allows new onboarding of the customers easily.
  3. It allows daily backups and provides access to unlimited email accounts.
  4. It also allows you to check the bandwidth usage.

Apart from the above features, it also allows complete access to the server and the database. It helps you in setting different authentications for your website security, allowing third-party app installations.

Below is the list of the plans:

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

If you are looking to build the website as a primary focus, then Liquid Web will be the best choice. Click here for more information

Big Rock:


  • Low prices, affordable.
  • Available in Shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated hosting.

It is expected that we keep looking for web hosting platforms specializing in different aspects. Big Rock is a web hosting platform that helps business owners manage their website efficiently with the best domain registrations. It also has come up with the features listed below:

  1. It makes use of the distributed DNS infrastructure, which is unique.
  2. It utilizes the dual quad-core Xeon processors.
  3. It allows the implementation of the code in different languages like PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.

The above features also provide the plans at affordable prices and provide email accessibility from any device. It also provides the control panel, which is easy and user-friendly to use.

Below is the list of plans:

Best Web Hosting Service 2021

To know more and opt for it, click here.

Top 5 cheap web hosting providers:

  1. Hostinger
  2. Bluehost
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. Hostgator
  5. Godaddy

Tips to choose the best hosting provider:

Here are some set of tips that might help you in choosing the right hosting for your website based on your needs.

  1. Identify which kind of host you need: Based on the website that you would like to work on and the traffic, customers, bandwidth requirements, you will come to a conclusion.
  2. Don’t think about Price: The correct hosting plan will be the right decision and help in the development of the website efficiently. Make sure that you are able to pick up the price as per your needs or requirements. Based on the business or website you are focusing on, choose the right plan.
  3. Check for the terms and conditions and reputation of the website: Make sure you are selecting the right hosting which is reputed and go through the set of terms and conditions before you put a step forward.
  4. Spend time to think and implement: Think more before you select the provider and plans. Make sure you maintain or note down the requirements as per your analysis and ensure that the right plan and provider is selected.

By now, you might have got an idea about each web hosting platform. It is in your hands to choose the right hosting platform that suits your requirement. Choose the right one and increase the brand and value through your website.

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