Web design Task

19th August 2021

Create a Landing Page which serves digital Marketing Training with all the concepts Create Pages relates to Digital Marketing Create Elementor Header & Elementor Footer Home page should consists of Contact Form, Book Now button, Chat Bot , Whatsapp, Social share icons Create a Blog Page, It should consists of 10 Posts Create Sidebar consits…

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Why Off-Page SEO is Vital for Your Website

11th August 2021

The online market is getting more competitive by the minute, which means that you will need to utilize every tool in our arsenal to promote your brand. Even if you don’t conduct your business exclusively on the internet, you are still required to have a strong online presence. As its name suggests, off-page SEO focuses…

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Best Web Hosting Services 2021

1st February 2021

As most of them are involved in building their own business, introducing and running their business through an online presence, choosing the right platform for your online website is an essential step in the world of digital marketing. Hence, choosing the best web hosting that suits your website is the first and foremost thing to…

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Top 100+ High PR Profile Creation Sites list -2021 (Updated)

2nd October 2020

Hey! I hope you all are doing well and safe during these COVID times. We are back with the next blog. I think most of you all are confused and would like to know more information about the Creation sites list for the High PR. In this blog, I am going to give you an…

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Types of Web Hosting

14th September 2020

Before talking about what are different types of Web Hostings let me explain you about web hosting. Web hosting means a space in a server. The data whichever you see online gets stored in a centralized location called servers. Every website should be hosted in order to show the website information for the user who…

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What are Domain name and Web Hosting?

9th September 2020

Everyone may know what is mean by the website and what it provides, but before having a website you should know a few things that What is Domain name and web hosting because a website is made up of two things Domain name and Hosting, In this blog, I have clearly explained What is Domain…

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Top 40+ Social Media Marketing Interview Questions – 2021

2nd September 2020

Social Media Marketing is a top choice to be opted for in the career. It plays a vital role in marketing, allowing businesses to attain business goals and objectives. Most of the individuals are trying to achieve the jobs and opportunities in this field. All of us would hunt for the guide that would help…

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Top 50 Best SEO Tools for Optimizing your website – 2021

13th August 2020

Hey all! Looking for the best SEO tools for optimizing your website? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will learn about the 50 top SEO tools for optimizing your website. Firstly, to drive more traffic to the website with good rankings, the website needs to be optimized. How do we…

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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 2021

27th July 2020

Digital Marketing, a booming career in the current and future as well. It is a career option chosen by most individuals around the globe as it is much more flexible than the other available jobs. Do you want to get into the same industry and enhance your skills along with the best employment opportunities? Yes,…

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Google Ads Glossary (2021): Top 100 terms you need to know from scratch to advanced

1st July 2020

There are many things you need to know in Google Ads if you are running campaigns to reach out to potential customers, When you know all these terms and those meaning then you can easily understand your campaign reach It is not only important to create a campaign and it is also very important to…

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What is SEO? Complete guide to learning Search Engine Optimization 2021

22nd June 2020

Hey, are you looking to learn SEO for a prosperous career in digital marketing? Great, yes, you are in the right place. Here is the guide that helps you understand the basic terms and contents involved in SEO. Do you think that SEO is hard and tough to learn? I don’t think so. It is…

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Top 50 SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2021 from scratch to Advanced:

16th June 2020

Are you looking for a job or an opportunity to work on SEO? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this digitized world, everything has turned to online and changing people’s thinking which has to lead to an improvement in the digital marketing field. To grab the right job and build a…

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