Colin is planning a new Google Display ads campaign with the build awareness marketing objective in his mind. Why could Colin choose build awareness as his marketing objective?

He wants to get his display ads in front of as many people as possible He wants to generate dynamic ads to reach specific audiences He wants to engage with users who intend to purchase his products are are actively researching on them He wants to leverage Google’s automating technology to drive direct sales of…

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How can performance planners serve your business?

By finding areas of your total budget that could contribute to marketing By optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth By teaching your employees the fundamentals of personal budgeting By determining which of Google’s ads are most appropriate for your brand. Correct Answer: By optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth

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Which statement accurately describes the reach of Affinity audiences targeting?

It reaches people who have the intent to purchase, updated in real time. It reaches people while they are actively browsing, researching or comparing products and are close to a conversion It reaches TV like audiences, based on their lifestyles, interests and passions It reaches past visitors as they browse network websites and use network…

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