Google Ads Exam Questions & Interview Questions

  1. What is Google Ads
  2. What is the former name of Google Ads
  3. Explain briefly how Google ads work
  4. Explain the difference between Google Ads and Google ads smart campaign
  5. What are the different campaign types in Google Ads?
  6. what are the flexible bidding strategies in Google Ads?
  7. What is Keyword Match Types with example
  8. Difference between Search network and display network?
  9. What is Quality Score?
  10. What is mean by CTR
  11. What is Remarketing? and how to do it?
  12. What is Conversion Tracking ? and how to do?
  13. What is mean by Ad rank?
  14. Difference between Bounce Rate and Exit rate
  15. What is mean by top page bid(low range) and top page bid(high rang)
  16. What are the Different Types of Ad Extensions?
  17. What is a tracking template and give one example
  18. What are different attribution models present and what is the use?
  19. What is mean by Dynamic Ads
  20. What is mean by Ad rotation?
  21. How any Campaigns can I have in Google ads?
  22. Difference between clicks and impressions
  23. How many headlines you can use in-text ads?
  24. How many Headline you can have in-display ads?
  25. What is frequency capping in Google Ads
  26. What is mean by Negative keyword?
  27. How to improve ad rank?
  28. Name Different types of Ad extensions?
  29. What options we cannot change once after creating ads
  30. What is the Actual Cost per click?
  31. What are the different types of access levels in Google Ads?
  32. How do you calculate ROAS?
  33. What is the character limit for headlines and Descriptions?
  34. Difference between manual and automated bidding strategies?
  35. What are inventory types in Video ads?

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