Google Ads Shopping Ads Certification Questions and Answers

  1. Ben sells housewares through his website and app. What are the two ways that Google Ads can fuel his business goals and help him achieve his objectives? (Choose two)
  2. What is one way that a Performance planner helps businesses increase sales?
  3. A single branch of Simpson Shoes has been operating since 1917. They recently ran their first online ad and after its launch, the owner wanted to see the ad online. Where should the owner search to find his local inventory ad?
  4. Mary owns an automotive parts store and wants to differentiate her brand. She’s considering launching new ads with Google to influence automotive shoppers at the start of their purchasing journey. If Mary went with Showcase Shopping ads, where would her customers see the ads? (Choose two)
  5. Ben is currently managing a campaign that has a total investment of $7,000, generates 1,400 conversions, and has a CPA (Cost per acquisition) of $5. Ben needs to sell excess inventory. To meet his goal, he’s willing to increase his CPA and campaign investment. which of the following plans, built in the Performance Planner, will assist Ben in achieving his marketing goal of selling excess inventory?
  6. What are the two features that can appear in Shopping campaign ads in order to drive online sales? (Choose two)
  7. Anne sells homemade artisan songs. She just brought her brick-and-mortar store online, and she is considering running a local inventory ad with Google. How could a local inventory ad help Anne expand her business?
  8. Hank wants to use a “Maximize conversions” campaign with the Performance Planner. Which recommendation can be provided to Hank by the Performance Planner?
  9. Alice owns a business selling a range of backpacks for business users and worldwide travelers. She spends most of her time managing stock levels, staff, and her company’s finances, so she’s worried that running Google Ads might be too time-consuming. How do Smart Shopping campaigns simplify campaign management?
  10. What’s one way to use Google’s data across all platforms, to increase your retail company’s performance and profitability?
  11. Betsys BookBar is a book store and cafe that’s had a brick- and mortar location for years. They’re looking at ways into online marketing, and want to optimize their experience with Google ads. What are two options for using local inventory ads that are available to BetsysBookBar? (Choose two)
  12. Which type of automated bidding strategy is enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)?
  13. Mary is tasked with designing an advertising campaign for her company’s online pet food store and app and is exploring different campaign options. Which campaign types are available to her in Google Ads?
  14. What is one of the reasons why an advertiser should consider using a Performance planner on a monthly basis?
  15. Gina owns a woodworking shop that makes custom cabinets. She uploads data to her Google Merchant center to help create ads from her inventory. What data does a Shopping campaign use from her Merchant Center feed to place Gina’s ads?
  16. Chris is the marketing director for Keys and strings, a company that makes custom pianos. Keys and strings sells their pianos through their website and has a small but loyal customer base. Chris is tasked with increasing the size of Keys and strings customer base. Why is a Showcase Shopping ad the right choice for Chris?
  17. Joan sells fashion watches online and she’s had great success with Google Shopping campaigns. Now, she had like her business to do even more better. How can Shopping ads make Joan’s shopping ads even more profitable?
  18. Office King is a well-established business that is been using print ads for their office-supply store for years. How can Local catalog ads help Office King?
  19. Your company provides home maintenance services and you want to reach more potential customers. You have a limited budget to work with. Why is Google Ads right for you?
  20. What can automated bidding help an advertiser improve?
  21. what’s one way to increase in mobile apps, screens and other surfaces has changed how consumers shop?
  22. How do product images and prices contribute to a seamless shopping experience in Shopping ads?
  23. If Klothes for Kats uses Catalog ads, their ads can be shown in different views. Which two statements are true about views that are available in Local catalog ads?( choose two)
  24. Dante is the owner of Home Things, a shop that sells Home goods. He just launched a Local catalog ad campaign. Where are two places a consumer might encounter Dante’s Local Catalog Ad? (Choose two)
  25. Glenn’s new business is growing slowly, but he is worried about cash flow. How can smart Shopping campaigns help Glenn’s business?
  26. The website for your retail business is receiving a lot of visitors , but few of them are looking at more than one page. What’s most likely to be the problem?
  27. Priya only has $500 a month to spend on her campaign, but she needs to drive as many potential customers as possible to her website. Which type of automated bidding strategy would be the best for Priya’s campaign?
  28. Which type of automated bidding strategy is Target return on ad spend (ROAS)?
  29. Trevor owns a manufacturing business that makes specialized hiking and rock climbing bears. He is a very small player in the market, but he is ready to scale up his business. Which Google Ads campaign type should Trevor use to increase his brand’s exposure and reach audiences with interests in hiking and rock climbing across the web?
  30. Which two brand qualities are today’s consumers most likely to find helpful? (Choose two)
  31. Susan is the marketing director for a chain of bakeries that make artesian bread. She recently did a photoshoot of the company’s line of breads, and is looking for an online advertising solution to promote their brand. Why are Showcase shopping ads the right choice for Susan?
  32. You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible. How can Google Ads help?
  33. Which statement is true about Shopping ads?
  34. When visibility is the campaign goal, which bidding strategy should an advertiser choose?
  35. Why is using a performance target feature after utilizing the performance planner recommended?
  36. The customer journey has become more complex, requiring a dedicated bidding strategy. Google’s situation is an automated bidding. How can automated bidding benefit advertisers? (Choose two)
  37. Angelo owns a bookstore and has been running a google shopping campaign for several months. He needs to monitor how different books are performing. How can Angelo get the information he needs?
  38. You’ve been tasked with marketing a new line of plumbing services, but you have a set budget that you cannot exceed. Why is Google Ads a viable option?
  39. Where can Shopping campaign ads appear on desktop search results pages?
  40. Why should your business use a performance planner?
  41. What is one unique feature of Local catalog ads?
  42. Shopping ads help online businesses drive sales even before potential customers open ads for their products. That is because shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase under what conditions?
  43. Carey’s used Google ads for sometime, but he recently found he doesn’t have time to manage multiple campaigns effectively. How can Smart shopping campaigns reduce Carey’s ads management workload?
  44. Trina is using automated bidding as a part of her Google Ads search bidding strategy. Why might she prefer automated bidding?
  45. How can smart shopping campaigns make promoting your business less-time consuming and easier to manage?
  46. Google Ads was designed to help businesses achieve online success. To accomplish this, Google Ads was built on three core principles. What are these principles?
  47. How does automating your bid contribute to a successful google ads campaign?
  48. Local inventory ads are ideal for which business?

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