Google Ads Video Certification Questions and Answers

Google Ads Video Certification helps you test your knowledge regarding Video Ads Module in Google Ads.

This test consists of 50 questions with a time frame of 75 minutes. In order to get certified, you will need to get a pass percentage of 80%.

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In this, you will review the questions and answers in the Google Ads Certification.

  1. Brandon’s new You Tube advertising client has owned the highest rated theater in town for decades.The theater wants to drive action and take advantage of YouTube audience solutions to reach consumers likely to buy a ticket. Which YouTube audience solution should Brandon recommend?
  2. What is the key benefit of bumper ads?
  3. Aimee’s been researching YouTube as a way to promote her content. She was amazed by YouTube’s reach and the infrastructure of innovation the platform is committed to building. Plus, she loves the freedom creators are given on YouTube to express themselves. As a creator, what’s another reason Aimee should choose YouTube?
  4. After a discussion with a Google Audience Specialist, Reily is ready to suggest the use of Detailed Demographics to her YouTube clients. What are the two characteristics of Detailed Demographics? (Choose two)
  5. Match the marketing objective with the TrueView ad formats that’s optimized for that objective.
  6. Aside from conversion tracking, what’s a requirement for using store visits?
  7. Which statement is true about non-skippable in-stream ads?
  8. Zane is managing a YouTube campaign for a five-star hotel that completes directly with several other hotels located in the area. The owner would like to use the names of similar hotels as keywords when building the audience for the campaign. What would be the ideal audience solution for Zane’s YouTube campaign?
  9. YouTube analytics shows you the aggregated totals of the minute’s people spend viewing a video over time. Which report provides this information.
  10. Your client is interested in testing six-second bumper ads. What are two tips you can share with them about these ads? (Choose ads)
  11. Which two are ideal advertisers for Custom Intent audiences? (Choose two)
  12. Match the YouTube customer with the Google Audience Signal type that helps advertisers connect with that customer.
  13. Justin’s client is almost ready to get started with YouTube advertising. They’ve asked her to identify the business outcomes YouTube can deliver, to ensure they’ll achieve what they’re after with their campaign. Which business outcomes can YouTube deliver for her client?
  14. What is one reason an advertiser would choose YouTube for action?
  15. Running creative equipment using Brand Lift is an excellent way to get the information you need. What’s the first step?
  16. Which type of Google Audience signal analyzes user behavior to identify people who have, for example, recently graduated from college and may need to move?
  17. Based on the ABCD’s of designing YouTube ads, what’s one way to attract viewers?
  18. Arturo has explained to a client who sells electronics that YouTube’s detailed demographic audiences can impact their advertising efforts. He knows detailed demographics help advertisers reach audiences based on quantifiable characteristics that matter to the client. What are two of these quantifiable characteristics? (Choose two)
  19. How can Google’s custom affinity audience signals help an advertiser connect with its target audience?
  20. What are the four video ad sequencing frameworks advertisers can use to tell great stories on YouTube?
  21. Vesta is working on a Youtube campaign for a chain of home and garden centers. The owner would like to promote a new line of flowering plants to past customers, using email addresses they provided over the years for marketing purposes. Which first-party audience solution would be ideal for Vesta’s YouTube Campaign?
  22. Dylan’s client produces documentaries. The client wants to understand what makes YouTube so appealing to users. Dylan explains how YouTube lets users engage with the creators they love and become part of an online community of like-minded people. What’s another reason users choose YouTube?
  23. When your goal is driving action, you focus on audiences with the strongest level of intent. Match each “lowest funnel” audience type with its description.
  24. Myra wants to reach consumers’ ger company already has in their CRM. Which intent audience solutions on YouTube will Myra select when building her campaign?
  25. Janelle mentions to a new advertiser that innovations in the YouTube platform are helping users discover more relevant content. What are two of these innovations? (Choose two)
  26. Of the two bidding strategies you can use with your TrueView for action campaign, which captures as many valuable actions as possible within a given budget?
  27. Nadia’s client is concerned about losing their presence in customer living rooms. Nadia knows YouTube would be an excellent solution for the client’s problem. What’s a compelling reason YouTube would be a good solution for her client to consider?
  28. Based on Google’s analysis of bumper ads, what caused a significant increase in ad recall?
  29. As it offers the most attentive audience and proven results, YouTube is becoming advertisers’ first choice for building their brands. What’s another reason advertisers choose YouTube?
  30. Audra handles YouTube strategy for a popular concert venue that would like to run youtube campaigns aimed at fans of the musicians they’ve booked this summer. Which type of audience solution would Audra recommend for this client?
  31. Which statement is true about bumper ads?
  32. Which two video formats are available on Google Video Partners (Choose two)
  33. TrueView for action ad formats use smart bidding to optimize for specific website actions. To do this, what must be enabled in your Google Ads account?
  34. Google Video partners are partnerships formed through which Ad service?
  35. YouTube analytics provides insights from the moment you upload a video. Which three basic questions about who’s watching your client’s content will it answer with a single click?
  36. Which of YouTube’s consideration and interest ad formats enable advertisers to reach their audiences when they see interesting new content on the YouTube home feed?
  37. What counts as a view-through conversion in a TrueView for action campaign?
  38. Of the storytelling methods recommended for YouTube campaigns, which one uses a long-piece format creative ad to deliver a brand’s messaging and shorter ads to reinforce it?
  39. Based on Google’s ABCDs of designing ads for YouTube, what are two ways Google recommends you connect with your viewers? (Choose two)
  40. Match the TrueView ad format with its corresponding bidding type. (Not all options are used).
  41. The YouTube masthead is effective for advertisers with which goal?
  42. Which one of Google’s data-driven marketing tools is a collection of case studies from Google’s best advertising campaigns?
  43. What’s a key benefit of TrueView in-stream?
  44. Janine recommends using a Customer Match audience on YouTube so a client can reach existing customers. Where does Janine upload customer information, such as e-mail addresses, to start the Customer match process?
  45. To assist advertisers using YouTube, Google created a set of recommendations based on successful campaigns, known as the ABCDs. Match each recommendation with its meaning.
  46. Which of YouTube’s awareness ad formats is designed to show video ads on websites outside of YouTube?
  47. What’s one of Google and Youtube’s awareness products?
  48. Drew has a client who’s wavering on whether or not to add YouTube to their online advertising strategy. Which benefits of YouTube audience solutions should Drew present for his client’s consideration?
  49. How does an advertiser benefit from using Google Trends?
  50. What are two examples of the intended audience solution, life events? (Choose two)

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