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On-page SEO: Full guide step by step

In this blog you will learn more about

  • How to rank your website on top by optimizing your content
  • How to create SEO friendly content
  • factors that consider optimizing your content and a lot more……..

Lesson 1

Fundamentals of On-Page SEO:

Have you ever wondered how the few websites are ranking on top though nearly 4 million blogs are releasing per day???? yes here the trick is …….let me just clear you’re all your doubts regarding this. First, they follow correct On-page optimizing techniques and off-page techniques.

What is mean by On-page SEO:

On-page SEO means optimizing your site for a search engine to improve the rankings, that all done within the website itself, there are many factors to considers while optimizing our site for search

Why On Page Optimization is very important ??:

When Google crawls your site it will check the relevancy first by checking keywords you use in your site, though many think it is as a usual process but using the keyword makes google understand what his blog is all about so that people started using only keywords rather than publishing the unique content, so that is the reason Google has come up with few updates, those are listed below

Lesson 2

Factors to consider in on-page SEO

Use focusing keyword:

Write comprehensive content, it has to be unique and genuine, never ever copy the content from other websites, Use your focusing keyword once in 100 to 150 words

Why we need to use targeted keyword once in 100-150 words:

As we already know that google concentrate on keyword, so if we use the targeted keyword once in every 100-150 words google will understand the structure of the content very easily

For instance, say that I’m writing a blog on Affiliate Marketing, so I started inserting the targeted keyword on early of the page, Google concentrate more on what is written on early of the page

on page seo

It makes Google easily understand what the blog is all about, simple right?

Lesson 3

Use Targeted keyword in title of your blog post

using your targeted keyword in blog post title makes sense as because it is in H1 heading, Google bots check what is written in H1 heading and based on that it will come to know the what is the blog is all about and its structure

All the WordPress platform comes with H1 heading in the blog post title, that you can’t change it

For instance, if you can see in the below picture I have used targeted keyword in my blog post title, it helps in good rankings

On page seo

Lesson 4

Meta title and Meta Description

Meta title and Meta description are two things necessary for any blog OR any page because these are ones which are showing in SERP for users When your meta title and description are more attractive then only you will be having more chance of getting clicks

we need to work for both users and Google bots, Google plays vital role in checking what is meta title and meta description, so inserting your targeted keyword in this places makes google understand what the subject is all about

on page seo

if you can see in the above image I tried using my targeted keyword in Meta Title and Meta Description, Anyhow it doesn’t look like Keyword stuffing as I’m not only inserting the keyword but also trying to write the sentence with the meaning

Lesson 5

Use Subheading in H2 Tags

Always try to use your subheading in H2 tags and use your targeted keywords in H2 tags, it can help in improving the rankings

on page SEO

Lesson 6

Optimize URL’S

Make sure that your blog post URL consists of your targeted keyword, it determines the relevancy of your web page by Google Search Engines, use short URL and it should have some meaning

for Instance, if you can see in the below picture you will understand how the URL is optimized for google bots by inserting the keyword, so it very essential to optimize your URL as it plays a vital role to improve rankings

ON page SEO

Lesson 7

Image Alt Text (Image Optimization)

As it said that Google bots cannot read images effectively as they read text and links, so in order to make Google bots understand what is the image all about we optimize image by writing alternate text for the image

Using multiple images in the website makes its very attractive but website loading will take longer time, optimization of the image will help you load the website very fast, there are few advantages of image optimization like good user experience

on page SEO

Lesson 8

Bolds and Italics

When you are write blog try to make few targeted keywords in to Bolds and Italics as google considers what is written in bold and italics, I don’t say it improve the rankings but i can say it wouldn’t hurt the rankings and it also looks attractive if you make few words in to bold and italic

Lesson 9

Content is the king

No matter how well you optimize your content when it is not unique, again what is unique????

Yes! Unique content means you should try to give more information than what others are giving, make sure that you have something special that others don’t have and one more thing is never ever to copy the content from others and put it in your website, it will weaken your SEO

Maintaining the structure of content is also very important

Lesson 10

Use LSI Keywords

LSI(Latent semantic indexing ) keywords are the secondary targeted keywords you need to use while writing the content in your website, it makes google to understand your content so deeply

Normally Google will look out for keywords in Title tag, Image alt, Permalink, apart from this google started looking out for LSI Keywords

For example, let us say I have a blog on How to shampoo your hair, google will start looking for keywords like dandruff, shampoo, conditioner, cold water, hot water, at home, after oiling

On page SEO

Yes! if you follow these optimization techniques very effectively for sure you can start improving rankings

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