SEO exam questions

1 What is SEO?

2 What are the techniques we use to improve SEO rankings?

3 What is On-page optimization? and what are the factors that Google considers to improve the rankings?

4 What is link building? and how to do it?

5 What are do follow and no follow links?

6 How to do keyword research? and why do we do keyword research?

7 What is white hat SEO?

8 What is black hat SEO?

9 What is LSI Keyword?

10 What is Server-Side Optimization?

11 What is Sitemap? and how to have a sitemap in our website

12 What is Robots.txt? and how to do it?

13 What is redirection? and how many types of redirections are there?

14 What are the broken links? How to remove broken links?

15 Name some Google Algorithms

16 What is AMP?

17 What are DA and PA?

18 What is Google Search Console?

19 What are the different verification methods available in the Google webmaster tool

20 What are internal links and external links?

21 What are the few different search engines available?

22 What is an SSL Certificate? and why it is important?

23 What is Domain?

24 What is Hosting?

25 What are the different types of hostings available?

26 Where do you purchase domain and hosting?

27 What are the best SEO tools you can use for SEO audit?

28 What is the site:

29 What is a cache:

30 what is the bounce rate?

31 What is CTR?

32 What is Keyword density?

33 How does Search Engine work?

34 What is competitor analysis?

35 What is Web Position analysis?

36 What is site speed?

37 What is the Yoast plugin?

38 How do you update yourself from SEO updates?

39 What is TLD?

40 What is keyword frequency?

41 What is Rank Math Plugin?

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