Top 40+ Social Media Marketing Interview Questions – 2022

Social Media Marketing is a top choice to be opted for in the career. It plays a vital role in marketing, allowing businesses to attain business goals and objectives. Most of the individuals are trying to achieve jobs and opportunities in this field. All of us would hunt for the guide that would help with the interview questions and answers.

Social  media interview question and answers

If you are trying to grab the interview for social media marketing, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will have a clear idea and explanation about the top 50+ Social Media Marketing Interview Questions – 2022 curated by the experts. Let us have a quick review of them.

What do you know about Social Media Marketing?

Ans: Social Media Marketing is a process or a practice of gaining the user’s attention and build your brand using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It is the platform that establishes communication between the online users and the business holders, helping in driving more traffic to the website and maintain the reach rate. Most businesses are now using social media channels to improve sales by drawing the user’s attention. It is purely dependent on user engagement and social media campaigns that help improve business revenue and growth.

What are the five pillars of Social Media marketing? Which social media platform is best used for the business?

Ans: The five pillars of Social Media Marketing are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Planning and publishing
  3. Engagement
  4. Analytics
  5. Advertising

It purely depends upon the type of business that you work on. It is specific to the company that you work for. If the business is related to interviews, then LinkedIn would be the best platform for your business.

What do you know about Facebook Edgerank? Why is it important?

Ans: The Facebook Edgerank is one of the algorithms used to identify whether your posts should be added or used in the news feed or not as well as the follower’s page. It helps you understand about position of the post as well. Facebook Edgerank is essential as it builds the affinity between you and your followers, the time of the post, how the images, links, video, and content engages with the reader.

How do you improve Facebook Organic reach?

Ans: Facebook Organic reach can be improved by sharing the content designed to build and enhance the users’ attention and shares. Utilize the time and effort to increase engagement among your audience. The organic reach can be improved with paid promotions. Utilize the community hub and collaborate with Facebook influencers so that your business will gain importance and will reach more audiences. Make sure that the postings that you do are done at the right time.

Why is YouTube important for marketing?

Ans: Youtube is one of the social media platforms that online users are actually interested in and are spending most of their time online. Youtube is often called the King of the jungle as it is the second popular search engine. Youtube is the right place to promote your videos. If the video posted by you has reached many audiences, it will be added a feature on Youtube’s homepage, which will fetch even more reach for the video.

How can Linkedin be used to promote the business?

Ans: LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that will promote business in all aspects. The companies are gaining the social media advantage via linkedin by participating in the relevant groups, create a new group and nurture it, learn from linkedin analytics, share, discuss the ideas, tricks, and tips which will help in improving the reach and follow the pages more, use linkedin ads to enhance and attract more audience, share the business updates or real-time updates that will bring in more interest to the audience.

Give a brief explanation about the popular social media tools?

Ans: Social media tools play a vital role in understanding the website’s progress or business. Some of the standard social media tools are listed below.

  1. Audience: The audience is the tool that is designed to find the new audience and categorize them.
  2. OptinMonster: OptinMonster helps in engaging with visitors at the perfect time.
  3. Tweepi: Tweepi tool helps identify and find out the relevant users based on your topic or business. It helps establish the engagement with the users, follow them, and have them follow you back.
  4. Social Clout: Social Clout is the social media tool that allows review social media analytics, assisting advertisers in tracking the ROI and engagement aspects.
  5. Followerwonk: Followerwonk is the tool that helps optimize the audience and gives recommendations regarding the people you need to follow.

How do you obtain more retweets?

Ans: The most commonly used ways to obtain more retweets include the time when you post a tweet, establish connectivity with the twitter users, including the images, asking the twitter users to retweet, tweet those links that our followers would be interested in, leave the characters so that the users can retweet, use hashtags, ensure that you are using the language that is easily understandable to use the users or audience, adding the rich content, making the users laugh and repost the same.

How do you deal with the negative comments on your post or website?

Ans: Tackling the negative comments is one of the ideal responsibilities of the business holders. Some of the actions to be taken when you receive negative comments are listed below

  1. Do not delete the negative comments. Deleting the negative comments will make the users think that the negative statement might be right.
  2. Be real quick enough and act as early as possible so that the issue or comment will not be passed on to a broader audience.
  3. Bring the negative comment to the notice of the management. Share the situation and express your ideas to overcome it as soon as possible.
  4. Respond to the comments in a polite way where the individuals would be convinced.
  5. Show the human side by personalizing the message and greeting them, post the comment thinking that you are the customer or user.

How do you use Instagram for social media marketing?

Ans: Instagram is used for social media marketing, as most people or online users frequently use instagram online. Instagram can be used for marketing by making use of the teasers related to the product that would help in generating a lead, connecting with the new influencers, bringing more reach to your brand, conducting the competitor analysis and recognize the strength and weaknesses, sending or attaching the posts to the timeline on the right time and utilizing the analytics that would help you in gaining a clear picture of the improvements that can be made.

Give some general tips for social media success?

Ans: Few tips can be followed to improve and generate success using social media platforms. They are listed below:

  1. Recognize or identify the best platform that would be suitable for your business
  2. Recognize or identify the best platform that would be suitable for your business
  3. Try to connect with the online users interested in the domain and the forum you are working for.
  4. Try to build engagement with the audience. Publish the content that is interactive at the right time.
  5. Try to connect with the audience and make them understand what you mean in the post.
  6. Set up goals and objectives and keep a tap on the analytics and reports every week.

Why do you think Google plus failed to work with Social Media Marketing?

Ans: Most of the websites who write posts regarding Google plus are not really about Google Plus. As per the latest updates, surveys, there are many reasons for Google Plus not being compatible with social media marketing. Google plus has failed to develop user interaction and engagement, which is a vital concept. It is confusing and less transparent to the users. Based on the mobility, most online users are interested in Facebook, twitter but not Google Plus.

What do you know about RSS Feed? Why is it important?

Ans: RSS refers to Rich Site Summary. It is an XML File designed to send or push the content to the company’s site and provide access to the readers to subscribe. RSS is essential as it helps in improving or getting wider audiences for the content and enables you to live bookmark and subscribe to the updates.

How do you measure social return on investment?

Ans: There are many ways in which the return on investment can be measured. Few of them are:

  1. Reach
  2. Traffic
  3. Revenue
  4. Clicks
  5. Contest entries
  6. Lead generation

What is the excellent time to post on Social media?

Ans: As per the surveys and reports, the timings would generally be around 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This is the best time to involve in the engagement activities in social media. The reach rate would be high during this time. However, before 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm is not the right time as there would not be much engagement during this time.

How can you say that social media is worth using a business?

It’s only because it can generate massive traffic towards a website, and the same can be converted into the clients without doing much. Also, it is possible to customize the advertisements on social media to keep up the pace. 

Which key performance indicators are considered to improve the performance of social media initiatives?

Ans: There are various KPIs to be considered to improve the performance of social media initiatives. They are:

  1. KPI for reach
  2. KPI for engagement
  3. KPI for conversion.

What are the advantages of social media marketing over traditional marketing?

Ans: This is one of the most common questions asked in the interview panel. The following are the advantages:

Cost: The cost is less for social media marketing than traditional marketing.

Feedback: With social media marketing, you will get feedback from the targeted audience and design future campaigns accordingly.

How to stay updated in Social media?

Ans: Following are some of the ways to keep yourself updated on social media.

  1. Implement your knowledge into the day to day activities.
  2. Attend seminars and workshops periodically and get more experience.
  3. Use linkedin groups to find issues and solutions.
  4. Youtube channels keep me updated about the latest news.

What are the benefits of targeting social media platforms?

Ans: Social media platforms and online websites are the best sources to introduce your business or website to the targeted audience. Some of the key benefits of having to target these platforms are:

  1. Low cost advertisements
  2. Quick results
  3. Business promotions

Give examples of two popular Social Media sites that you will be targeting as a social media manager to promote a business or a product?

Ans: Facebook and Twitter are the best social media platforms that I would target as a Social media manager.

What is the limit of the words for a wise post on Twitter?

Ans: 200 words are the maximum limit of the number of words used for a twitter post.

Is it possible to manage multiple Facebook pages simultaneously? What would be so challenging?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to manage multiple Facebook pages simultaneously if there is a need to post on all of them simultaneously. Many tools are authorized, such as Page Manager, to avoid any challenges while handling multiple social media pages at a time.

Do social media pages have competitions? How would you tackle it?

Ans: Yes, it is expected that there is a competition among the Facebook pages as multiple business holders make use of Facebook pages to promote and generate leads to their business. To tackle the game around you, you need to ensure that you are uploading the right content at the right time. You have to be tuned or stay updated with every single aspect.

Do you think running a free contest on Facebook would help?

Ans: I think running free content on Facebook would help. It is the best platform that would help you promote your business effectively. The targeted audience would feel interesting. Such engagement with the targeted audience leads to promotional activities helping in getting the desired results in a short time.

What are some of the strategies that you need to keep in mind while adding your posts to social media sites?

Ans: You will need to follow some approaches like proper keyword usage, writing the best quality content, writing only the relevant information, updating the posts and strategies regularly will help in keeping up the pace all the time.

List the essential factors that you need to pay attention to assuring ROI?

Ans: The following are the factors to be considered for assuring ROI:

  1. Financial needs
  2. Training for the employees
  3. Manpower consideration
  4. Special skills
  5. Requirement fulfillment

Do you think SEO has a link with Social media?

Ans: Yes, SEO indeed has a link with social media. SEO is a powerful approach that can even be implemented in social media searches and campaigns. However, there is one thing that requires attention basis the fact that social media strategies need to be familiar with the Google algorithms for better results.

Do you think a viral video can help the business for its promotion on social media?

Ans: Yes, the viral video approach is quite significant. Any small information about the business or the business tagline can be added to the popular video, and the same can be floated onto the social media platforms or channels. It would help if you made sure that the video is not long and should not exceed 20 seconds in any case.

On what basis do you think the web pages can be chosen for advertisement and social media?

Ans: One of the best ways is to keep up the pace in the matter. It generally means that you need to know the overall traffic on the page.

How do you think Facebook likes, shares, and comments help your business?

Ans: Facebook likes, shares, and comments help in business promotion. When you like a post on your facebook account, it would be visible for all the people on your Facebook friends list. This improves the visibility for your post and business simultaneously. Many of the people would be able to view the products and get attracted. It would help if you made sure that posts are exciting and eye-catching.

What are the best practices on Twitter?

Ans: Following are the best practices on Twitter.

  1. Use a maximum of only two hashtags per tweet.
  2. Keep the tweet around 100 characters.
  3. Schedule and plan your tweets with the help of Buffer.
  4. Keep a check on the twitter analytics to know and understand the improvements.

How to set a budget for social media marketing?

Ans: The primary step is to determine and understand your business’s overall budget for digital marketing. You will also need to select the percentage of the budget you would like to spend for marketing purposes.

I recommend spending 30% on paid social media advertisements. This percentage is in a general way. Only if there is a potential and ROI, then you can invest 30% as recommended.

What is the use of Google Analytics in Social media marketing?

Ans: Google Analytics is the popular tool offered by Google to track the amount of traffic to your website from the different social media channels.

Explain the differences between the social marketing environment and the social customer service environment?

Ans: Social customer service environment refers to the process that holds the ability to fix conflicts, empathy, and a perfect level of patience. The employee should be capable of recognizing the situations where he needs to contact and discuss with the management as doing anything on social media is not to answer one customer but to the whole follower group somehow.

The social marketing environment needs an employee who is capable of understanding the customer journey, understand where a specific customer is in that cycle, and guide them accordingly to help the business.

List out the responsibilities of a social media manager?

Ans: Social media manager has the following responsibilities:

  1. Understand the goals and objectives of the company.
  2. Understanding the business model, products, market, and competitors.
  3. Planning, strategy, and goal setting.
  4. Online reputation management.
  5. Work with internal stakeholders
  6. Designing various social media strategies.
  7. Recruit, manage, guide social media marketing team.
  8. Collaborate with other marketing teams to integrate social media optimization.
  9. Communicate with followers, respond to their complaints and queries.
  10. Stay up-to-date with current trends, technologies, tools, and applications. Help the website’s blog by promoting them on social media.
  11. Create new innovative strategies to increase brand awareness.

List out a few common social media marketing mistakes by brands?

Ans: Some of the most common social media marketing mistakes brands make are:

1. No social media strategy or planning

2. Do not have an idea on what the user or customer needs

3. Does not consider the negative comments and leaving them

4. Publishing content like a faceless corporate instead of showing a human side

5. No customer service with the help of social media

6. A random posting of the content without understanding the user needs

7. Just promoting the services or products without sharing any useful information about the business

8. Not tracking or analyzing the performance of the channels.

How to evaluate the social media presence of a company?

Ans: The social media presence can be evaluated using a set of parameters. Suppose the company has a strong presence in primary social media channels, especially the channels that would benefit its type of business.

  1. How frequently the posts are published
  2. How many followers they have and how much they are engaging with the brand and vice versa.
  3. If the information provided in social media accounts are updated.
  4. Do they use social media to post news about them, or they are actively connecting with their user base to engage and solve their problems.
  5. How much effort they put to publish posts.

On what resources will the budget be spent?

Ans: The following are the resources on which the budget will be spent.

  1. Advertising
  2. Follower growth
  3. Content creation
  4. Outsourcing

How active are you personally on social media?

Ans: The recruiters would like to see your social activeness while hiring for a social media professional. So, it is essential for you to have a strong presence on major networking sites and share the details with the recruiters about the purpose of each networking site you are using and how much success you have been gaining against the effort you put.

All the above questions are frequently asked by the interviewers in the interview panel. To grab the job opportunity, it is recommended to have a glance about the different types of questions that you would need to answer. I hope the above questions and answers help you in attaining the job. All the best for the interview.We really hope and wish to see you in a better position.

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