Top 50 SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2022 from scratch to Advanced:

Are you looking for a job or an opportunity to work on SEO? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this digitized world, everything has turned to online and changed people’s thinking which has to lead to an improvement in the digital marketing field. To grab the right job and build a career, you need to be more aware of the concepts, interview questions, and answers. This blog purely includes the different questions asked in an interview right from a beginner to an expertize individual. Let us have a quick review of the top 50SEO interview questions and answers 2022.

What is SEO?

Ans: SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. SEO plays a vital role in digital marketing that allows business owners to enhance the traffic and visibility of the website. It is purely a process of improving the page ranking in the Search Engine results page(SERP). Most of the online users will not prefer to view the results on the second page and will surely prefer to go with the first few links. So in order to perform lead generation and improve the business, SEO is used. It is a technique that helps in reaching the target audiences at a higher reach rate.

In short, it is the practice that helps in improving and attaining high-quality traffic through organic search results. There are two different types of SEO methods: On-page and Off-page SEO

Why is SEO important and who uses SEO?

Ans: A online user will definitely try to search for information or a product/service in Google. SEO is important because it provides the flexibility to reach the customers/audience at the right time. This only happens when the website reflects the top in the SERP. Hence, representing the website on the top on the first page will improve the lead generation and business improvements.

What is a Search Engine? Give some examples of Search engines?

Ans: The search engine is a program that searches for a query, identifies and gathers the information from the database, and generates results to the user by finding some sites on the world wide web. Some of the most commonly used search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo,,

What is WWW?

Ans: WWW stands for world wide web which is a collection of webpages from the network of the computers. It is found in the beginning of the URL.

What is meant by Domain extension?

Ans: Domain extension, also called as Top-level domain is the extension that is added to the URL/domain name at the end. It could be either location specific or generic. Example: etc

What is SERP?

Ans: SERP stands for Search engine results page. SERP refres to the page that comes up with all the search results when a user enters a query and searches for it.

What is a Keyword?

Ans: Keywords are the phrases or words used by the user to enter into the google and search for the results. They are also called as user queries. Google identifies and searches the results based on the keywords from the web pages available in the database.

What is meant by On-page SEO?

Ans: On page optimization refers to the practices or the process of optimizing the website to improve the page rankings. It is the optimization that is done within the website. It could be with the descriptions, titles, page loading etc.

What is meant by Off-page SEO?

AnsL Off-page optimization is the process that includes multiple techniques to improve the traffic and rankings to your website. It is specifically used to improve the web position in the SERP page. It involves user engagement by using the other websites to create traffic by using backlinks etc.

What does URL stands for ?

Ans: URL refers to Uniform Source Locator which is used to open up the websites directly from the world wide web.

What is meant by an Alt tag?

Ans: ALT tag helps in adding a description to the image. So every image can have a text behind it. This allows the users to redirect to the website if they click on the image. It also provides an understanding to the Google about what exactly the image is relating to.

What are backlinks? Why are they important?

Ans: Back links refers to the links that will given or redirected from one website to another. Back links play a prominent role in SEO as it purely helps in improving and enhancing the traffic to the website in a tremendous way. Linking of websites should be done on high authority websites as most of the users will be available and interested in reviewing the high authority websites.

What are Do-Follow and No-Follow links?

Ans: Do-follow links are the standard hyperlinks where google will pass the authority and trust from one website to another by following the link. No follow link tells the Google and users not to follow the links. It does not hold any value. It is more efficient to work on Do-follow links rather than No-follow links

What do you mean by internal linking?

Ans : Internal linking or internal links are referred to those links which are used to link one page to another page within a website. Internal links are equally important like the backlinks. The more number of links, more is the traffic.

What gets ranked on Google?

Ans: Most of us will fail to answer this question thinking that the websites are ranked. However, it is the web pages that are being ranked by Google.

What is meant by Web crawling?

Ans: Web crawling is a process in Google that uses Google Bot system to crawl the world wide web to retrieve and index the pages from the database. The main purpose of crawling is to index the web pages in Google.

What is Google Suggest or auto-complete?

Ans: Whenever a user searches for a query using a keyword, Google will provide a drop-down of the results that most of the users will search for. Once you start typing, different recommendation results will come up. This is one of the features offered by Google.

What do you mean by Search Engine submission?

Ans: For the website to appear in the Google, the website has to be submitted in Google Search Console. Once it is submitted, google bot crawls for the websites and gives indexing accordingly.

What is anchor text?

Ans: Anchor text is represented in the form of clickable text in a hyperlink. It should be relevant to the page linked to rather than using generic text. So when ever a user clicks on this clickable text, it redirects to that particular page.

What is Guest posting?

Ans: Guest posting is an optimization technique that allows you to create some back links to your website by writing some posts/articles. It follows the link building process by contacting another website owner or webmaster by offering them an option to write an article for them. This process is purely via email where in you can write the article by adding a link to your site and submit the same.

What is meant by Blog commenting?

Ans: Blog commenting is the process of writing comments on the websites by adding some links that add and enhance the traffic to the website. It allows user engagement via online.

Explain the term “Social Signals”?

              Social signals is a measure of various social media activities. These activities are the number of results of such media activities like Likes, Comments, Tweets, DM, and many more engagements in Social Media Platforms. In a precise way, it is like Interactions having with other people on Social Media. By these Interactions, we mean Social Signals we can promote our Brands, Products, and Business. The number of Likes, Shares, and Vote on a post referring to a brand shows the popularity of the Brand. By this, one can obtain an idea about brand value, and it also helps to create brand awareness.

What do you mean by Penguin Update?

Ans: Penguin is a Google update launched in April 2012. It is launched to track and target the Spam Web links which are making their way to top of the Search Results. Most of these spam links are duplicates of the websites. Penguin update identifies such spam links and gets rid of them which are not following the Guidelines made by the search engine. In short, if you are designing a website, you need to make sure you are following the Guidelines and make sure no duplicate or spam related stuff involved before getting Penalized or things removed on your website.

What is Google My Business? 

Ans: Google My Business is where you can promote your Small or Large scale business by managing your presence across Google products like Google Maps, Google+ and Google search results themselves. It is one of the first things that your customer sees when they Google about your business name. It is a free tool that allows you to manage the items as per the customer needs.

What is AMP?

Ans: Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is an Open Source coding standard that makes it easier for publishers to load their sites quickly on mobile. In other words, it’s a feature introduced to reduce the load of sites on your mobile platforms. The benefits of AMP is if a website takes more time like 5-6 seconds to load, there are high chances that the user might bounce off. To overcome this, Google launched this AMP.

What data can you get using Google Analytics?

Ans: Google Analytics is nothing but, analytic web service provided by Google itself. The analysis includes tracking of channels, traffic, time spent on the websites, and action taken by the user.

Precisely, the date includes

Users on your Website

Location of the users

Types of devices the users are using to access the websites.

User interests like the type of pages or products he/she prefers.

Conversion Rate.

What do you mean by LSI Keywords?

Ans: LSI-Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are nothing but Keywords to the Keywords. Whenever we are searching, sometimes we may not be able to find what we are looking for. LSI Keywords makes it easier for search engines to provide accurate results based on user experiences.

Benefits of LSI Keywords:

Higher ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

Helps to increase your content’s credibility.

Acquires less time for a search and rank better for related search results.

What are Google Ranking Factors? Are those Important?

Ans: The term Ranking Factors, which is widely described as the principles applied to rank a webpage by search engines. Content is the most important factor and tops the other Ranking factors. Search Engines will always give a better result when a user searches something so to provide the better results search engines rate the web pages based on their in-depth research and well-crafted content.

Yes, Google Ranking Factors are most important. It gives a perfect picture of why your webpage needs to be on top if your webpage appears on top of the search results, which means more traffic and more visits.

Define XML Sitemap?

Ans: XML—Extensible Markup Language. An XML sitemap is a method that demonstrates how the pages of a website are changed and applied. These sitemaps are files that contain a list in XML format. If you want a search engine display, your website on the top XML sitemap plays an important role. In simple words, Google uses a sitemap to find all the pages the user wants. When your webpage is identified by the Google bot, the first thing it searches for XML Sitemap.

Are HTML Sitemaps important?

Ans: Yes, it is most important to have an HTML sitemap for your website. It helps the user to find everything on the same place without reaching out to other websites or web pages. More importantly, it helps the user to navigate to the key areas on your website easily. Thus, it improves the navigation of websites with multiple web pages by listing all the web pages at one place.

What is robots.txt?

Ans: “robots.txt” commonly known as “Web Wanders, Crawlers or Spiders” which is a text file containing commands that instructs search engine robots to crawl or access the website content to index and serve the same to the respective audience. Before a search engine crawls your site, it will look at your robots.txt as per the instructions provided. Location or robots.txt plays a vital role. It must be in the main directory; otherwise, user agents will not be able to find it.

How do you explain 301 redirect?

Ans: It is a practice that is used to redirect specific websites to different websites. Sometimes, when we search something in Google, we often encounter “this page is not found”. This would happen for some reasons if the content had been or edited. This will drop your websites from Ranking factors, however, it is fixed by using 301 redirect. It also helps in reducing the errors and provide the required information.

What are doorway pages?

Ans: Doorway pages are used for Spamdexing. Spamdexing is a practice of search engine spamming. It is used to try and manipulate a search engine’s understanding of a category. The primary purpose is these pages add links to your search results which redirect you to a different page which is not related to your search item.

What do you understand by the term “Google Analytics”?

Ans: Google Analytics is a free tool which is used to track the specific activity of the website or an app. Google Analytics starts tracking the websites traffic and helps you to analyze. It also shows website data like behaviour, user count, Sessions, Conversions and goals.

Here are some list of things that Google Analytics provide.

  1. Real-time data
  2. Demographics.
  3. % of Visitors.
  4. Age group people.
  5. Geo-Location.

What is Bounce Rate?

Ans: When a visitor visits a website, and then he/she leaves the sites without seeing any other pages from that Website. This is known as “Bounce Rate”.In general, after visiting the Website, the visitor had not indulged in any other activity on the Website for more than 30 minutes, then Google will count this as a Bounce. The lower the bounce rate on your website/blog, the better it is.

Explain directory submission?

Ans: A Directory means storing a piece of information. We used to have the telephone directories where we can search for a particular contact number. Likewise, directory submission in SOE is listing your websites in business directories that suits your services. It helps in increasing search results. But the challenge comes in finding the right directory.

What do you understand by Domain Authority?

Ans: Domain Authority is a mathematical measurement of rating a website and providing the score based on the performance. The calculation is done on a scale of 0 to 100. If the website score is 1-20, the performance of the Website is worst. If the score falls between 50-60, it will be calculated as Medium if it is 80-100, which means the best and will have the high chances of appearing on the top of the search results. One can easily guess the factors which might get a high score. “Content’ plays an essential factor here. The more number of visits, traffic, reviews, and ratings also affects the score.

What exactly is Keyword Identity?

Ans: The number of times a specific Keyword or a Phrase appears on the Website is called Keyword Density. If a Keyword repeatedly appears on the web page, it will be calculated against the number of total words of the content. Keyword density plays a crucial role in Ranking your Website. If you out too many Keywords, there is a chance of losing the credibility of the content, which might also result in bad rankings. It is better to use fewer Keywords when writing the content in web-pages.

Can you explain Black Hat SEO?

Ans: The techniques or the malpractices used to manipulate Google’s algorithm to appear on the top of the results. These are not only unethical methods but a violation of Google’s Guidelines. Spamming is the best practice used Back Hat SEO. One must be aware that violating the Guidelines must result in banning the Website altogether. It is mostly recommended not to use any Black Hat techniques in case if you need to have your Website friendly to the users.

What is White Hat SEO?

Ans: It is a process trying to get your Website ranked without violating any Search Engine Guidelines. It’s like promoting your Website using Keywords, Keywords analysis, research, quality of content, and adding salient features. These techniques will help your Website to gain a better ranking. Once you achieve a better ranking, you need to keep in mind that you might face competition from others. To stay on top, you need to keep making changes to your websites to gain the user’s attention.

How is “Keyword” analysis made?

Ans: A keyword analysis is a process of checking the Keywords and analyzing what the user looking. You can refine your search by Country, state, and city if you are looking for promoting your websites. These are many tools available in the market, which helps in finding the exact Keywords and also gives a proper understanding of the analysis.

 Define Yoast?


Yoast is a plugin software used for Search Engine Optimization. It is available in both Free and Paid Version. Yoast helps us in

Paragraph Structure

Keyword Density

Prior Keyword usage

Supporting Links

Managing Sitemaps

Social Sharing

What’s the best strategy for a website search engine friendly?

Ans: There are many strategies available to make a website search engine friendly. Out of which, Quality Content and Web Design are crucial. It should also contribute unique titles and page descriptions. All these factors fetch a good response rate to the websites.

What are some best SEO blogs?


SEO standards are constantly changing from time to time. But learning SEO from a Course or a material mostly not recommended. Getting in touch with a Mentor or Experts in SEO is the best way to acquire great knowledge. Here are some of the best blogs.

  1. The Moz Blog
  2. Search Engine Land.
  3. Google Webmaster Central.
  4. Yoast SEO Blog.
  5. Semrush Blog.                     

What is Cloaking in SEO, with some examples?

Ans: Cloaking in SEO is the way of manipulating the content to achieve higher ranks. The content would differ from what is available to the end-user and provide to the Search Engine. Moreover, these techniques are often termed as Black Hat Techniques. Cloaking makes the use of Keywords or text into the page. These Keywords or text will be missing from the content that reaches the human visitor.

Here are some examples.

  1. Most of the Pornographic sites use Cloaking to appear on the top of the search results.
  2. Flash Pages
  3. IP address cloaking.

Mention some famous Black Hat Techniques?

When it comes to SEO, black hat technique is vividly popular. This technique does not follow any guidelines set by the search engines just to get higher ranks in a short period. Below are the list of few methods.

  1. Unrelated Keywords.
  2. Link Farms.
  3. Cloaking
  4. Keyword Stuffing.
  5. Blog spam or Comment spam

What is the Title tag? Why is it most valuable?

Ans: The titles that you make for the content on your webpages called Title Tag. These are not different from the titles you see in Books or Magazines. In fact, these are important for a search engine to scan the titles and keywords and provide the best search results to the end-user. The title tag used in HTML webpages helps search engines to understand the contents of the webpage. Hence, it is more important to have the best Title Tags for your content in webpages.

Explain the difference between SEO and SEM?

Ans: SEO(Social Engine Optimization) is a process of achieving high ranks for your websites in an organic way. This process includes relevant keywords, editing site content regularly to provide some freshness to the end-user. In simple words, it is used to attract visitors to your Website—the high number of traffic results in getting more top ranks. More importantly, this process does not include any paid promotions and absolutely free.

On the other hand, SEM is Search Engine Marketing. By the term, one can easily understand that it is a paid advertising. The apparent goal of both SEO and SEM is to be on top of the results. However, SEM will appear on top of the search results displaying the content is Sponsored or Ads. SEM is widely used nowadays to promote brands.

What’s the best way to optimize a website which has million pages?

Ans: The fundamental part of a website success story is attained only by using Optimization. SEO always be your top priority to sustain the competition and to achieve good results. You can easily understand what type of content you need to display on your Website. SEO services for website optimization use different factors like keyword selection, web design, user-friendly content, and regularly updating the content. You can shorten the Content data and make a Category list display on the home page so the user can navigate. The navigation should be in such a way that even an average Internet user must understand easily. This applies when you have a million pages of data for your Website.

There are a number of optimization techniques one can determine on their own or can go through a private optimization tool available in the market. Getting expert advice is recommended.

How can you overcome if your SEO method doesn’t work?

Ans: You have followed everything to make your Website popular by using White Hat techniques. Still, you were not able to get good ratings—those cases, where you need to have a planning which might help you. Planning includes on finding the right keywords, minimizing the number of keywords, having a closer look at the traffic, and, more importantly, content. Analyze the factors where you need improvement. If everything is good, advertise your Website by sharing through social media or doing paid promotions.

Mention some key aspects of Panda update?

Ans: Panda update is launched by Google to rank the low-quality content websites. Websites which scores less ranking will be identified by Search Engine removes them and makes the pave for the better quality content websites appear on top of the results. Panda updates from time to time and also helps in catching the sites which are escaped previously.   

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