Types of Web Hostings

Types of Web Hostings

Before talking about What are different types of Web Hostings Let me explain you about Web hosting, Web hosting means a space in a server, The data whichever you see online gets stored in a centralized location called servers, every website should be hosted in order to show the website information for the user who has internet access

So based on spaces web Hostings are available in various types, there are mainly three different types of hostings available, here I have clearly mentioned each and every type of web hosting and which hosting type will be best suitable for your business

Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting solution is a type of hosting where you share the space with others, simply the hosting account you have is one of many accounts in servers handled by a hosting providers

If you want to start a small business online and new to hosting, and very keen about the budget then shared hosting will be flexible for you, now lets us talk about considerations

In general, a starter website may not have huge traffic and large files to store, this leads to less usage of a lot of bandwidth and resource to help them, in addition to this small business will be having simple content which means these websites do not require huge space in server to store the files and data, shared hosting solution helps small business to host at a cheaper price, do remember in shared hosting you share space, speed as well as the cost with others

At last in simple words Shared hosting can be used by beginners who are willing to start small business, blogging or any service oriented

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server):

A VPS Hosting is a middle-level solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, which means you have your own space on the physical server,

VPS provides you dedicated resources in a servers with multiple users unlike shared hosting, In shared hosting RAM is used by multiple users whereas in VPS hosting Complete RAM is used by yourself

VPS hosting will be suitable for the medium level websites which have high traffic but still need not to have high-end resources,

The main benefits of VPS hosting are Customization as we are getting own OS you can customize according to your own wish and it is cheaper when compared to dedicated hosting

It is super scalable you can purchase whatever the resource you need and you can increase the size if it is not sufficient for you

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated Hosting as the name implies the complete server will be yours, you are not going to share any kind of resources like bandwidth, technical resources with anyone, dedicated hostings are optimal for the website with a large number of visitors

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Managed WordPress Hosting is a type of hosting where you no need to manage anything, your provider will take care of everything like installing wordPress and updates for your website, scan your website for security issues, keep on optimizing your site for better performance

Whereas in shared or Vps and dedicated you have to manage all these, provider will just give you technical keys where everything from scratch you have to manage

It is suitable for the beginners who has lack of technical knowledge (cpanel)where you optimize your site

Managed WordPress Hosting is a bit expensive in contrast with Shared hosting


So finally hope you got what are the different web hostings available and their uses, now it’s your turn to choose which type of Web hosting suitable for your business and start marketing your products or services online, You can purchase web hostings from service providers like




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