What are Domain name and Web Hosting?

Everyone may know what is mean by the website and what it provides, but before having a website you should know a few things that What is Domain name and web hosting because a website is made up of two things Domain name and Hosting, In this blog, I have clearly explained What is Domain name and Web Hosting

What is a Domain name:

Domain name means the name of a website (or) simply the address of a website, earlier we used to have IP Addresses for websites but people won’t be able to remember All the different IP Addresses, to overcome this process domain have been developed so that anyone who has internet access can find the websites online and get the information

What is Domain Name ?

A domain name has two elements before and after, the element which is appended after the domain is called Domain extension or TLD(Top level domain)

For example let us say that you have a shop and definitely you will be naming the shop, the same way here you need to have a name for your website

What is Web Hosting :

Web Hosting means space in a server, Whatever the information that you are seeing right away on the internet gets stored in the server, your WhatsApp messages, Facebook stories, etc get stored in the server

what is mean by web hosting

For example think if you want to open a shop where you can do some business, you can lease a space to do business so that people can visit your shop and purchases the items that you sell

The same way if you want visible your website to the audience then you must have space where you can store the data and files, so you lease space in a sever

There are different types of Hostings available, it represents the space required to store the product and bandwidth(bandwidth means the amount of data that is transferred or the amount of resource usage your website requires

For example, assume that your business is all about selling some small goods like hair clips, bracelets, etc so you don’t require a big shop to store the products, likewise, if you are selling big goods like bikes, cars, laptops, etc then you require huge space to store the products right?

So based on the space your website requires you can choose the hosting

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