What is Off-page optimization?

Off-page optimization (or) off-site SEO refers to the activities we perform outside of the website to improve the ranking of the site, Whereas on-page optimization refers to the activities performed within the site

Whatever the activities we perform is to increase the website performance, a Search engine like Google works very hard to show the best results the users, Google needs to provide exact and precise data

Before discussing link building, let me give you clarity regarding links, There are three different types of links they are…

  • Internal links
  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links

Internal links: linking back to any other page on your website is called internal links (or) linking within your site is called internal links

Inbound links: If you are getting links from any other website, then it is called inbound links or normally called as a Backlinks, your off-page optimization completely depends on Backlinks only

Outbound links: If you are linking back to any other website, then it is called Outbound link

Off-page optimization means link building to your site, Many websites need to point out to you for a specific keyword, so that you can show up your website for a specific keyword

For example, let us say if a website links back to your site for a keyword called best online digital marketing training, that means he is saying to Google that the website has the relevant information to the keyword, In such a way if multiple websites link back to your website for a keyword called Best online digital marketing training, then Google thinks that your famous for this keyword as many people are pointing out to you and shows your website on top for a keyword called Best online digital marketing training

Factors to be considered before performing Off-page SEO:


Keyword plays a vital role in Off-page SEO Before you start working on link building, make sure you grab the focusing keywords for your website, simply finding out the keyword for which you want to trigger your website, then try to use that keyword effectively in all the techniques

Domain Authority:

Domain Authority is the authority given by google to each and every website that is present in the Google database. It is usually in the range of 1-100 where 100 is the highest. 40-50 is the average score while above 60 is excellent.

Page Authority:

Page authority is the authority given by Google that helps us to give a brief idea about the ranking of the content within the website.It is also represented by a score between 1-100. 100 being the highest, with an average of 40-50.

Submission sites:

To establish linking between multiple sites, we need to identify the right submission site available on google based on the technique we use. It is best to consider the sites that have high domain authority and page authority as there will be a higher scope to obtain more traffic to the site. You can find the top most sites by searching in Google which includes the site links along with the DA and PA.


Content is the king in digital marketing. While performing optimization, it is important to make sure that the content is off high-quality without any errors. It should be user engaged and help in improving the interest of the reader.

Off-page SEO techniques:

There are many techniques to perform Off-page optimization. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Guest posting: A guest post is the article or post written by some others who would like to add a backlink to his website. This happens via email and is the most appropriate and popular technique.
  2. Directory submissions: Directory submission refers to the process of submitting the website URL and details under a particular category in the directory.
  3. Article submissions: Article submission refers to the process of writing the articles and submitting those articles in the article submission sites by including links to our website.
  4. Blog commenting: It is one of the approaches that help in establishing user engagement by replying or commenting to the blogs on the other websites.
  5. Forum submissions: It is the optimization technique which helps you to find and participate in the discussions by providing the answers to the questions that online users have.
  6. Social Bookmarking: It is the technique that helps to get visitors instantly by using social bookmarking sites. It is used to bookmark the website by adding the URL.
  7. Image submissions: It is the technique that helps in adding the images along with the website links to improve the traffic when the user clicks on the image. It helps in re-direction to the website and helps in improving the rankings as well.

We will be writing more about the techniques in the coming blogs. Now that you are aware of the Off-page optimization and the techniques, its time to start utilizing these techniques and optimize the website smoothly. Infact, Optimization is a key factor to be considered in Digital Marketing.

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