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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means marketing any product or service online by using all the digital tools that are available online. Earlier we have a traditional Marketing where people used to spend much of time watching tv, listening to radios and reading newspaper but now… No one has time to watch tv, listen to radios or to read a newspaper. Everything is available at their fingerprints now, They just grab the phone and utilize

If you want to watch any movie you just rely on a few websites like Netflix or amazon online, if you want to watch any video you just rely on youtube or want to listen to ay music download a music app that’s it right?

This is the reason for marketing any product online to reach out to many people, this is what marketing reaching out people where they are spending much of their time, This is the main reason advertisers are shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Now let me clear all your doubts regarding digital marketing like How will be the future of Digital Marketing??, Is that good career to choose??, What is the highest salary in Digital Marketing

How will be the future of Digital Marketing:

Nowadays digital marketing is getting a higher response than any other Marketing channel. It is the present and future marketing industry

Everyone wants to market their product online as people are spending much of time being online like browsing the internet, viewing videos on youtube, checking the facebook feeds If they want to do shopping they just grab their phone and opens the shopping website like Amazon and order the product they want

Door to Door delivery will be there, no need to visit shops manually and purchase, People want everything at their fingerprints this is the main reason why Digital Marketing has a good scope in future

Changes in Traditional Marketing:

In traditional marketing, it is not easy to target your exact customers and calculate ROI, But here Digital Marketing is more affordable thing for every business and they can even target their exact customer. If an Indian businessman wants to target USA people, that can be possible only with the help of Digital Marketing

Is that a good career to choose?

Yes, it is! We live in a time where people use internet for everything, Digital Marketing plays an important role in today’s world,According to the study 2020 is going to have more than 700% growth in Digital Marketing and that too India have more job opportunities, Following are the opportunities you can create once you have a knowledge on Digital Marktinng

One can get a job: Students who finished their graduation or anyone who wants to do a job they can opt for this course

Can become professional Blogger: Anyone can become a professional blogger, bloggers can earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing

Start your agency: No other courses will motivate you to start your own agency, but this course will give you confidence for starting your own business

Become Freelancer: you neither want to do the job nor start your own agency, you can handle real-time projects and works as a freelancer by bringing clients from many other countries

Become a famous Youtuber: you can start your own youtube channel and start earning from youtube even

Based on your interest and skills, you can choose whatever best suits for you and just move on

Salary in Digital Marketing:

Frankly, speaking salary varies from person to person, On average a fresher can get up to 4 lakhs of the package per annum, coming to experience candidate based on the knowledge and real-time experience it depends

Who can learn this course:

Anyone can learn this course, the ability required is interest and zeal to learn

Students can learn this course




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